Just so we can be clear on MacroQuest usage and what is and isn't allowed.

We have been very lax on what we allow here and this is a short list of what is allowed. If you don't see something on the list assume it is not allowed unless further clarified by a Staff member.

The following are allowed, but use is restricted:


KissAssist/E3/Automated Play Macros**

The following are allowed with no restrictions:









  • MQ2Warp*

Warping is generally allowed on the server until it becomes abused. In the past we relied on the honor system for this and people decided it would be okay to use AFK macros to warp and kill mobs. This has since been restricted. You can still warp at will, however when the server deems you to be warping excessively it will warn you, and the next warp will result in being kicked from the server. Players who are constantly being kicked run the risk of being blacklisted from the entire system, causing warp to be 100% restricted on their account(s) for a pre-determined amount of time depending on the severity of the infractions. Use warp sparingly, and you will not have an issue.

  • KissAssist/E3/Macros**

We do not mind people using KA, E3, or any customized macros or plugins designed to run a character as long as you are at the computer playing. These plugins/macros have become a great resource for players who don't want to give themselves carpal tunnel by boxing multiple chars and allows them to focus on one character with more or less a group of mercenaries or bots. It is ridiculously easy to tell whether you are at the computer or not just based on your movements and actions. If you are found to be operating characters AFK you will have to find a new server to play on.