It seems to be a running trend where we get a wave of new players, and their first question is "What is the best class?" or "What class should I Play?".

While we understand that nobody wants to play an underpowered class, this is just setting yourself up to be disappointed. Generally the advice given is to play X class that is currently flavor of the month due to either unintended strengths, or an AA/spell that has gone wild. A perfect example of this is Warriors and the Shield Specialist AA. Due to the addition of the combat proficiencies and this AA, Warriors were retaining all of their defensive bonuses, while doing substantially more damage that they could do with even a 2hander. This was obviously unintended as equipping a 2hander drastically lowers your defensive capabilities in lieu of doing significantly more damage.

We nerfed this ability and the tears from people started flowing in. These people didn't want to play a Warrior, they just wanted to take advantage of an overpowered situation and we even had players quit over this. Play the class you want to play. If a class is underpowered or lacking in a certain area where it shouldn't be we will fix it. We will not feel sorry for you when your flavor of the month class gets nerfed.

You have been warned.