As our first server on EQEmpires grows we have found it necessary to establish a few ground rules for players. These rules are subject to change and any punishments will be handed out with staff discretion.

Refusal to read these rules is not an excuse, and will not be considered when any rules are breached.

We reserve the right to deny access to EQEmpires and any of it's platforms to anyone at any time and for any reason.

1. Play Nice Policy

In general, be respectful to other players. Deliberately training or killstealing another player will result in punishment.

2. Staff Communication

We have set up numerous avenues to contact staff when you have an issue. These are not a platform for you to flame the staff and the server. We understand it can be frustrating when something you enjoy is nerfed. We always try to explore any other options available before nerfing something, however sometimes this isn't possible and in these situations we have been met with hostility and disdain from players. This will no longer be tolerated. Flame posts with no suggestions in these channels will result in an instant ban.

3. Bugs & Exploits

We want to provide a fair and competitive atmosphere for all of our higher-end players. We have rewarded players in the past who bring bugs to our attention. If you find something that is obviously unintended don't abuse it. Report it to staff. Anyone found abusing bugs/exploits will be punished. If you report it to staff, do NOT continue to abuse it.

4. Harassment & Discrimination

We want to provide a respectful environment for all players. On EQEmpires we have players from all around the world. Discrimination of any kind will be swiftly dealt with and result in a permanent and irrevocable ban.

5. GM/Guide Recruitment

Asking to be a GM or Guide in global chat channels will result in a ban. If we want to bring someone onto our staff we will contact them directly. We do not do applications at this time.

6. Misinformation

We have been very dedicated to righting anything that is wrong or unintended on the server. As a result things change very quickly and often on our servers. There is a difference between being wrong when submitting a bug report and intentionally spreading misinformation intended to rile up other players. The latter will be dealt with swiftly.

7. MacroQuest & Third Party Programs

We have another thread about MQ2 specifically here.

As stated before. These rules are subject to change at any time. We will notify the community whenever there is a rule change.