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Thread: Patch 1.6.2

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    Patch 1.6.2

    Hail Adventurers,

    This is to follow up on the first part of Patch 1.6.2. Our intention with this is to pave the way to add more custom AA's in the very near future and to get the classes at a better balance before releasing group-based content. The caster classes are decent in the early tiers but fall off around T9-T11ish. These changes will go a long way in fixing this. We will be adding more AA's like Veeshan's Fire in the very near future!

    Class Balancing

    I wanted to mention that we have been getting more requests for class changes recently. Meaning a player wants us to change their character's class.

    We do not ever do Class Changes on this server due to the many class-specific data buckets and flags that your character receives as you play. We have many avenues for discussing class balancing here on the forums and Discord and in the future if you think your class is weak in an area where they should be strong you need to let us know in these places. Complaining in OOC is not going to yield positive results.

    -The donator merchant has been overhauled and combined into one merchant in Tutorial
    -Focus Effects on Armor T10+ have been overhauled to match the T1-10 focuses
    -Titanic Might aliases have been removed from all Tier gear. This was a deprecated worn/focus effect that has not been in the game for a very long time but the name on certain gear pieces remained.
    -Spell Haste is no longer capped at 50% (This is to make the Interdimensional Gift AA, spell haste on gear will remain the same)
    -The max value has been taken off over 1000 spells that unintentionally nerfed them after the max value change
    Alternate Advancement
    -Interdimensional Gift AA added (CLR/DRU/SHM/WIZ/MAG/ENC)
    -Interdimensional Gift: This ability grants your detrimental spells a chance to trigger Interdimensional Gift. This will cause your next direct-damage spell to be instant cast.
    -Veeshan's Fire AA added (DRU/WIZ/MAG/ENC)
    -Veeshans Fire: This ability increases your chance to twincast your direct-damage fire spells by an additional 12%.
    -Wildmagic Blast is now a level 70 spell

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