This is just a quick changelog to document the changes that went in on the night of 9/3/20.

Ranger damage seems to have been falling behind due to the compound buffs given to melee classes. When we first started the server many melee classes had core disciplines at 100% uptime. Rangers were one of the last of these classes with Trueshot and we have finally brought it up to an 8 minute cooldown.

Once you buy all of the new Archery Mastery AA's your standard un-disced bow damage should be approximately 135% higher. We also increased the damage of the Headshot AA by x10. This is due to the fact that it was capped at such a low value it was turning out that your Headshots would be less than your standard bow damage.

We also started on our T11-TXX Gear Overhaul. Faerune and all of the Bard Instrument Mods will now be appropriately assigned on gear past T10.

This is part one of a two-part patch. Part two will be coming tomorrow!

Thanks guys!



-The Aggro Drum was setting the wrong cooldown it has been fixed and set to 10 minutes
-The Aggro Drum now has a worn effect that explains its usage, cost, and cooldown
-Faerune added to all Tier helms past T10


-Bard Modifiers added to all Tier gear past T10
-Performance Resonance on Bard 3.0 set to 380% from 300%


-Maximum Headshot Damage has been multiplied by 10
-Moved Headshot to the Special tab and designated it as a 'Rise of Norrath' AA
-Moved Archery Mastery to the Special tab and designated it as a 'Rise of Norrath' AA
-Added 3 ranks of Archery Mastery for an increase of 200%/280%/360% bow damage (Previous modifier WITH Trueshot active was 225%) 
-We are testing a new Ranger AA that we will be releasing very soon: 'Armed to the Teeth'
-Armed to the Teeth: This AA increases the chance to duplicate your bow shots by 3%, 6%, 9%, 12%, and 15%
-Nerfed the cooldown modifier on the Hastened Trueshot AA
-Hastened Trueshot: This AA now decreases the cooldown of your Trueshot by 3.14 minutes per rank up to a maximum of 22 minutes at rank 7. This will bring Trueshot to an 8 minute cooldown.