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    trying to get there

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    <Insert reply here> and a couple more characters since it's not 10.

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    hello, reply

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    Files please

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    nice thank u for file

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    Need file please

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    nice, thanks for the file

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    Quote Originally Posted by Splose View Post
    Hail Adventurers!

    Today we have a quite large (470MB) file update for you. These files contain weapon models from Call of the Forsaken up to Torment of Velious.

    One of the things we want to change in the near future is the variety of weapon models. As of right now the only real variety is an epic weapon or the 3.0s due to all the corrupted being RoF2 models. This update consists of at least 847 new models and since we haven't used really any in the first place we can really go wild seeing as we already have so many unused.

    Just as a friendly reminder we only support the RoF2 client and adding these files to any other client will probably not yield positive results.

    You will need to reply this post to un-hide it. This is to protect our links from dirty bots!

    ***Hidden content cannot be quoted.***
    Generic Reply

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    Repleep fo le filez

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    thanks for the great work

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