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Thread: Patch 1.6

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    Patch 1.6

    Hey all,

    We made some pretty big changes last night that were overdue. Epic 3.0s have been finished up. Some new Donator Items have made their way into the database so look out for them on the merchant coming very soon. From now on you will need to reply to posts in this section in order to download file updates. Most importantly this protects our links from bots running up our bandwidth usage. This also will allow us to keep track of who has it downloaded and will aid us in troubleshooting when people have file-related issues.

    We are on track to meet our goal for Server Hosting. Assuming we keep going as we have we plan on migrating the server on Saturday 9/5/20. We will also be releasing our huge (500mb+) model update in the next day or so and implementing some very nice looking ornaments for our Donators.

    The Hive, a new zone for shard farming will be active on restart.

    -All Epic 3.0s have been overhauled or edited in some way
    -Tier shards from lower tier zones will now drop in higher tier zones
    -WAR/SK/PAL Fruit mitigation changed from 10% to 15%
    -Buff timers don't run in the Tutorial (183) anymore
    -All Glyph AA's in the Special tab have been disabled
    -Deadbone Reef (T14) mobs are now aggressive
    -Frostcrypt (T5) have had their assist radius set to half of their aggro radius - Should help with breaking the first room.
    -Warlord's Tenacity no longer applies a DoT effect. The description has been updated to reflect this.
    -Titanic Contribution now persists through death, has an hour cooldown, and triggers a 1hr 100% experience bonus on your group. (the group spell does NOT persist through death)
    -The base value of all Cleric & Shaman Heal over Times have been increased significantly
    -The base value of Bard songs Chorus/Cantata of Life set to 255 and 340 up from 170.
    -The duration on Selo's Sonata has been doubled
    -The base values on the following bard spells have been multiplied by 4:
    Chords of Dissonance
    Denon's Disruptive Discord
    Selo's Chords of Cessation
    Melody of Mischief
    Zuriki's Song of Shenanigans
    **Hidden Content: Reply to see the content**

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    Oh give me the files!

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    Files please

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    Gimme please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krogoth View Post
    Gimme please!
    This plesse

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    gimmie those patch files!

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    I can haz files please

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