Hey There!

Mass pulls and you - When your DPS is measured in client crashes per minute.

Theres two things youll need to do to reduce your chances of crashing while killing 100~ mobs at once.

1. Adjust your EqClient.ini in your Everquest install directory. Find ServerFilter=0 and change it to ServerFilter=1. If this line is not in your ini add it.
2. Log into EQ (camp out if you are already logged in) and bring up your options (Alt+O). Navigate to the filters tab and filter out... all the combat stuff, basically all of it needs to be set to hide.

Restart EQ, filters apply as you log in. Enjoy all those ogres tripping over your halfling warrior in PoTactics.

Credit to Crocofor explaining this to me, and to Splosefor sending me his way.