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    Rise of Norrath Beginner's Guide

    DISCLAIMER: This information is what I’ve learned from my time here and therefore is my opinion. It is also subject to change at any time based on how our awesome GMs develop the server.

    Talk to all the NPC’s in the hub. They give great information about the server.

    First, go to Guardian Zamthos

    • From Zamthos, purchase 10 Bag of the Tinkerers for free. While there, also pick up Dioptase Gems (heal proc) and poisons if you are melee and Distillate of Celestial Healing potions, all free.

    Next head over to The Wisp Catcher to get your free buffed Epic 1.0(s)! These alone will be enough to level you 1-70 with ease.

    Keep walking around the fountain to Curate Pokli for some free buffs at level 1. As your level increases, the cost of buffs goes up, but you should be finding enough plat along the way to always stay buffed.

    Stop by Grandmaster Jack to scribe all of your spells at discs. You can learn everything right away, but you won’t be able to use them till your level is appropriate.

    Guardian Pocliosis will port you to the leveling zones.

    • He lists 13 zones in order of difficulty. Feel free to skip zones along the way if you’ve out-leveled them. Droga is particularly good for leveling as soon as you can handle it (40’s-50’s) all the way to 70.

    Some useful #commands on the server are:
    • #home – will take you back to the hub instantly as long as you aren’t in combat
    • #peqzone <zone name or ID> - will port you to zones. Find the zone shortname or id with #findzone. Shortcuts #pz and #fz can be used as well.
    • #buffs – provides you the same buffs as Curate Pokli and can be used anywhere, but at a greatly increased plat cost
    • #inst – #inst list will list any instances you currently have open with a clickable saylink that will take you there. If you’ve created a group instance, whoever created the instance will need to #inst invite each other group member and then each group member will need to #inst accept or use the Accept saylink in their chat boxes. They will then be ported to the group instance.

    Pet Menu
    • Start by targeting your pet to pull up the pet menu

    • The menu allows you to change the pet’s name/race/texture/gender/size
    • The most important option is Gear. Clicking this will give your pet tier-appropriate items (full set). This gear improves every 2 tiers as you gain access to new tiers.

    • Pet weapon types (Death/Fire/Ice/etc.) can be changed at An Ancient Elemental by hailing him

    • On the topic of pet size: don’t be the guy that makes his pet a building-sized dog and goes AFK in the hub. If you want to play around with a gigantic pet, do it in an instance!

    So you’ve used the zones from Guardian Procliosis and hit 70! You’ll notice your character was given 8 class shards.

    • These shards are used for a variety of different things including creating Tier armor, Epic 1.5 and 2.0 quests, pet quests, etc. I would recommend finding some help with the Epic 1.5 boss and using 4 of your first 8 shards on an epic. It will greatly help you in Tier 1. *See my Tier Armor Crafting Guide for more details on how to craft armor and reclaim your class shards to be used*

    Once you’ve hit 70 it’s time for Tiers! Find Guardian Skarr for access to Tier 1.

    Some things to know about Tier Progression:
    • Each tier drops molds for all visible armor pieces (8 in total) as well as non-visible pieces (12 including shield). Also, rarely you will find a key for the next tier!
    • You can hand the keys in to Guardian Skarr to get access to the following tier. WARNING: Starting in T4 (to get access to T5) you will need to have all visible armor pieces created before handing in your key to get access to T5 (and every tier after). This isn’t the case before T4, but I would recommend getting all your visible armor each tier, since you will have to eventually. Non-visible pieces can be skipped if you want.
    • To craft your tier armor, visit Forgemaster Ezekiel. At least for the first few tiers, all you need to craft armor is the mold from the tier and class shards. Crystals and AA points eventually get added to the recipes. *See my Tier Armor Crafting Guide for more details on how to craft armor and reclaim your class shards to be used*
    • Hub NPC Packrat will exchange 4 molds of any tier for 1 of your choosing, so make sure you are looting any duplicate molds you see!

    A few words on Class Shards:
    • Before you can use them for anything, they must be reclaimed into your alternate currency tab!!! *See my Tier Armor Crafting Guide for detailed instructions on how to do this*
    • Class shards do not drop in the tiers. They only drop the following zones, listed in order of difficulty and drop rate:
    o East Karana
    o Plane of Tactics
    o Forgotten Halls – Epic 2.0 zone (generally not worth farming here)
    o Ferubi
    • The above zones also drop Radiant and Ebon crystals, which are used in many different quests/recipes.
    • While in those zones, mobs will drop shards (which are auto-looted) for every class, not just yours. Currently the system works by flagging every character in the group so that the same character doesn't get shards twice in a row. This allows for a more even-distribution of shards. Shards can be exchanged at Alchemist Viktor at a 10-1 ratio.

    • Once you’ve collected 10 shards from another class (has to be the same class), he will give you 1 of your class shards. Hail him and use the "exchange" saylink.

    Other notable hub NPC’s besides the ones listed above:
    • A Loyal Individual – Loyalty credit merchant which can be purchased for plat.

    • The credits can then be exchanged at the NPC next to him, The Gingerbread Man, for class shard, radiant/ebon crystal, or AA coupons. Once you’ve purchased the coupon, just hand it back to the Gingerbread man for the items.

    • Loremaster Tolkien – Epic weapon NPC. He will craft your epic 1.5 and 2.0 if you have the required items. Hail him for more info.

    • The Bright Lord – will port you to the Epic 1.5 boss. The boss drops a mold needed to create your epic.

    • A Fallen Angel – will port you to the Epic 2.0 boss’s zone. This is around T10 in difficulty (although this might be brought down)

    • Enchanter Godric – will convert Radiant/Ebon crystals into the other type at a ratio of 5-1. Hail him and use the "transmogify" saylink.

    • King Valens – Powersource quest NPC. The first rank of the powersource is fairly reasonably priced and will give lots of stats to an otherwise empty slot. Don't put getting rank 1 off for too long.

    • Caretake Gabe – pet quest NPC. The first rank pet of this quest is better than any normal pet and is worth getting sooner than later. The first quest costs 10 class shards, 50aa, 20 crystals, and 2.5kpp.

    • There are many other NPC’s in the hub with quests, however they are designed for late game/post tier content, some of which aren’t even available yet. This being a beginner’s guide, we won’t cover!

    I hope this helps you on the start of your journey! Shoot me a PM or message me in game if you have other questions. Good luck and have fun!


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    Update: A few days after this was posted, some of the NPC models got updated. Their names and functions are currently the same, but they might look different than the screenshots above.

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