I've seen many questions about how to craft armor in the tiers so I thought I'd write up a guide on the process.

Armor crafting starts in Tier 1 (Temple of Veeshan) after you reach level 70. In the tiers, armor molds will randomly drop from any mob.

There are 8 visible armor slots that have molds: Head, Chest, Arms, Hands, 2x Wrist, Legs, and Feet. You will need to collect these molds every tier in order to craft your armor. Also note that Packrat in the hub will exchange 4 random molds for 1 mold of your choice, so loot all molds that drop even if you already have it till you have enough for all 8 slots.

The other required item to craft T1 armor is a class shard. You will receive 8 class shards automatically in your inventory upon reaching level 70.

This will be the only time you will ever see the shards as an inventory item as they will be auto-looted from here on out. In order to use the shards to craft, they have to be reclaimed into your alt currency tab. To do this, open your inventory and click on the Alt Currency tab. Click the box that says "Show currencies I don't have", find your class shard line and click it. With your class shard line highlighted, click the Reclaim button at the bottom and you will see your 8 shards listed in that line. Your first 8 shards are ready to use!

Now that you have a armor mold and your class shards reclaimed, head to Forgemaster Ezekiel in the hub. Hail him and click the "forge" saylink to bring up a list of armor tiers you have access to (which will only be Tier 1 when you start).

Click the tier and he will list all of the armor pieces that you can click on to see the item as well as "view" next to each item which shows the recipe for it.

Click "view" next to the armor piece that you have the mold for and the crafting recipe will appear with the required items needed to make the armor piece and the "Craft" saylink.

If you have the mold and a class shard available, click "Craft" and the item will appear on your cursor! Congrats, you just made your first piece of tier armor!

Starting in Tier 2, you will need the previous tier's armor piece in order to craft that slot.

For tier flagging, starting in Tier 4 (to get access to T5), you will need to have all visible armor pieces crafted before handing in your key, or it will get eaten, so I would recommend getting every visible armor slot crafted every tier while progressing. Non-visible slots can be skipped if you want.

Tier 5 and higher armor recipes start to require Radiant/Ebon crystals in addition to molds, class shards, and AA points.

Tier 10 and higher recipes start to require tier shards (which start dropping in T10) in addition to all of that. You will generally have enough tier shards to craft all of your armor by the time you've killed enough to find all your molds/key in that tier.

One last thing to note is that when crafting most armor pieces for Tier 2+, the previous tier armor piece is consumed. The exception to this is usually the chest (and sometimes legs) armor. This piece remains because sometimes the click effect on the chest armor is different between tiers and the GM's wanted you to have access to all of them.

I hope this guide helped you get started in your armor crafting! Please feel free to reach out to me with any additional questions. Happy hunting!