When we were thinking of the rules we wanted for the server we decided that we were going to allow warping. We figured if we allowed warping but told people to keep it out of macros we would be fine. We couldn't have been more wrong. Even with this rule being on an announcer and generally known throughout the community it has been ignored by the majority of the playerbase. Warp can be a great tool, especially when you have to run multiple characters across a long zone. We intended for people to warp in situations like this. However in practice people are replacing running with warping. We are talking thousands and thousands of warps per player. The biggest offender is the "AFK Warp Kill" macro. This macro will no longer be an option. We did not want to have to implement a system like this, as we are all adults here, however this is where we are at now.

Those of you active on the server and Discord will know that recently we have had issues with excessive warping and AFK botting. We have asked nicely. We have warned people. We have stripped currency from people found botting, and we have even started removing gear pieces from people. Nothing is curbing this issue, and as we grow it will only get worse.

We will be implementing Sentinel a few minutes after this post goes live. Sentinel is EQEmpires first iteration of anticheat. Through our testing this system has been 100% accurate. We challenge anyone to break this system. Anyone who can figure out how to break or bypass Sentinel will be rewarded greatly.

So how will warping work moving forward? It's very simple. You will have a set amount of warps that are allowed over a certain period of time. Once you start approaching this limit Sentinel will warn you and tell you to stop warping for a time. If you continue to start warping Sentinel will start applying negative effects to your character. If you continue to ignore that then Sentinel will force you to stop warping.

We will be providing more updates on this front as appropriate. Thanks guys!