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    State of the Empire: I

    In order to keep everybody informed and on the same page every month we are going to do a "State of the Empire" post that will be a summary of whats gone on in that month, and our plans to move forward. So welcome to our first one!

    I am very pleased to announce that 4 days before our One Month anniversary of the server being out we broke 100 players! We actually made it all the way to 117. This is without any advertisement and only word of mouth that we have gotten a recent influx of new faces and we're very proud of it. Once we release T15 is when we also plan to do our first big round of advertising so expect big things coming very soon.

    The great thing about having the website is now we can put our plans and ideas in one place for all to see, rather than repeating it a million times in Discord or in-game chat. For right now, we'd like to give you guys a more detailed explanation on the changes over the past few days and lend some insight into our thought processes moving forward.

    -Player Scaling

    A big draw to this server is that every item you get tends to be an all around upgrade due to the way your stats scale different things. For the first 3 weeks or so of the server we ran with a system that was done quickly and suited our needs for the time being. As more players started to come on the server we started to realize that there were some edge cases where players were either not getting any bonuses from stats, or even worse getting their damage lowered by increasing their stats. We saw quickly that this was going to require a full rewrite of the way we handled Player Scaling and we did just that. This change will affect players leveling drastically more than players at the top end, since we tried to get the numbers back around what they were pre-rewrite. The modifiers in the leveling zones are MUCH higher than in any other zone in the game, resulting in just one piece of gear being a rather large upgrade. There is now no "dead zone" in the scaling as well.


    Another issue we found is that it was incredibly difficult to get Bards to scale using our system due to the way songs are handled versus spells. In our first update on Wednesday we got halfway there, getting Bards to scale on everyone else's Spell Modifiers. Unfortunately, we knew this would not be enough. Bards and their instrument modifiers are very unique to the class and something that we have to take into account when modifying their capabilities. To remedy this we decided to put Bards on their own modifiers (except for the STR/AGI/CHA mods). This however, will not be enough for Bards and we hope to implement a few more QOL and capability changes over the coming days.

    -Epic 3.0s

    We started our 3.0 rework with changing the weapon models for the majority of Epic 3.0s. However at the moment, some 3.0s are much better than others. This is due to the way many of the effects were originally created (not by me I swear!!). The majority of caster 3.0s have their effects made in a way that is clunky to use, and unintuitive compared to some of the other effects melee classes get. These changes have been taking place on our Test server and we are proud to announce is almost complete. Due to the need for testing of each effect this takes longer than our other changes generally do. Sit tight and you will be very pleased in the coming days. We promise!


    We know that this is going to be a controversial change. Fruit is something that takes a long time (generally 30+ hours of straight farming) and is meant to genuinely be a game-changing upgrade. The scaling system we use on this server is VERY different than the one that was originally on it, meaning that the effects did not account for the significantly increased damage of crippling blows. It puts melee leagues ahead of casters of the same gear level who have the Fruit themselves. Our plan at the moment is to rework Fruit for EACH class so it is something that makes sense and lives up to the Class Fantasy of each class. After this is done we will look into breaking it into ranks, hopefully with the support and help of the community to find something that we can all agree on.

    -Server Hosting

    It is about that time for our Server Hosting to be due again. Our current package runs out on the 8th of next month. We are looking to buy at least a years worth of hosting on-sale so we can get the best price possible and keep the project running GUARANTEED for that time. If we are going to buy hosting for this long we will need to account for the possible growth that will happen over this next year. To achieve the best possible results we are going to be introducing some new donator items soon and running a sale to start saving for this.

    Kingly & I are extremely happy with the progress we have made in less than a month. We cannot wait to bring this project as far as it can go. Our next goal is to get Preferred status on the server list so we can share this experience with everyone!

    -EQEmpires Staff

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    Way to go team. Keep up the great work. I'm happy to see so many improvements constantly happening on the server and 8 can honestly say that the player base here is one of the best and always happy to lend a hand.
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