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    EQEmpires: How to Connect to EQEmpires

    Welcome to EQEmpires!

    How to obtain the RoF2 client:

    In order to play you will need a fresh RoF2 client. We currently do not support any other client on EQEmpire Servers. Using a client that you have added other server's files to is just asking for trouble. This can lead to issues with your health/mana not displaying correctly to missing models and database strings. Use a fresh client. You may download our client by replying to this thread and unhiding the link. This is to protect against bots. If you are starting with a completely fresh client you can follow these steps in order to connect to our servers.

    • Locate your eqgame.exe in your main EverQuest folder
    • Create a shortcut to that .exe
    • In the 'Target' field add the words "patchme" without quotes. It should look like this: C:\EverQuest\eqgame.exe patchme
    • Locate your eqhost.txt
    • Replace whatever is in there with this to point your client to the EQEmu loginserver:


    How to update your client:

    All of our file updates on EQEmpires contain all previous updates. This means that if you are starting fresh you will only need the most recent file update. If you already have a client ready to use you can follow these steps to update it.

    • Back up your current client before making ANY changes (This is very important!!)
    • Find the most recent file update located here in our News & Updates section
    • Extract all files into your main EverQuest folder

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    need fresh client

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    Client please

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    thank you for the great download

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    need client please

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    need client please

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